Why Gstar Plastic is the Cold Weather King of Disc Golf

If we were able to look at Innova sales data for the areas of the country that they sell the majority of Gstar plastic in, my guess is that more than 50% of the sales come from the blue area I’ve outlined below.

US map of average cold weather temps below 45 degrees
US map of area above 40 degrees longitude

I did a quick google search and found that the average temperate highlighted in blue from November-February is at or below 45 degrees (I eyeballed the math 👀).

That’s 30% of the year where you’re wearing layers playing disc.

The outlined blue bubble is *roughly the 40 degree longitude line.

Gstar is superior cold weather plastic

Hailing from the Ann Arbor Area, I understand cold weather.

It’s easy to justify my personal affinity towards Gstar plastic when I can huck a Gstar Destroyer in 28 degrees and still maintain a respectable ‘summertime’ grip and distance.

You see, all disc golf discs are made out of plastic polymers (except for Vibram and Elevation Discs).

However, with huge temperature swings, plastic can become sensitive. It can lose most of its flexibility and grip when the plastic turns cold.

Have you ever tried throwing a Champion or Elite Z driver in 30 degree weather?

It probably finishes short, with more speed than normal; resulting in a big skip at the end (that’s just been my experience).

To be fair, some of this has to do with a suboptimal tee pad run up mixed with bulky layering in colder weather.

See, in January I’m wearing wool socks with my clunky Craftsmen boots in 8 inches of snow (exaggerating it’s usually 2-3), and that’s not the same type of tee pad run up that I have in July with my lightweight socks and Nike Frees.

My reach back is restricted and I can’t get my ‘June arm speed’ in the middle of January.

So if I can’t ‘disc down’ because all the plastic is too rigid, can I ‘plastic down’?

I’m making these definitions up as I go, but hopefully you get the point.

Innova even promotes a premium Gstar Starter Pack on their Cold Weather Guide page.

The word gets around

With so many disc golfers around the country playing in colder weather, they start looking for better options when they notice their disc not flying the same.

Whether by word of mouth or purposeful promotion, Innova’s Gstar plastic blend has slowly but surely become synonymous with cold weather play.

I even posted this meme on Reddit, fully thinking I was going to get martyred, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out more and more people actually like the plastic blend.

Gstar Plastic Meme on Reddit

Gstar is the understable cousin of Star plastic

The beautiful thing about Gstar plastic is (a wide consensus of disc golfers claim) that its a ‘beat in‘ version of star plastic for whatever mold you buy it in.

In the middle of a hot summer day, that might not be the greatest thing (unless you really love the extra grip it provides).

But in the winter?

Gstar is going to naturally provide you with a more understable version of your favorite Star disc and give you a better grip in the cold weather.

Gstar is excellent for cycling

Gstar plastic is a premium Innova plastic type, so it does take time to beat in.

That’s good news!

It’s already MORE understable than Star plastic, but also has the benefit of premium durability.

Think of Gstar as the offseason cycling disc of your favorite Star mold.

You won’t need to worry about beating in your go-to driver too much, if you can adjust to the grip of the Gstar.

Gstar is great for slower arm speeds

Not everyone can full on S curve a max weight Star Destroyer like Calvin Heimburg.

So if you’re a regular AM player like me (chances are you are), the Gstar Destroyer gets you much closer to the S-curve Destroyer flight path you’re looking for faster than the Star Destroyer (Halo too) would.

And if you keep aging like me, you could also ‘disc down’ to the Gstar Wraith (I recently purchased two) to match your arm speed or current release form.

PRO TIP: If you DONT care about fancy stamps and just want to try out the Gstar plastic, may I suggest the Factory Seconds Store? You can snag discounted Gstar molds for $10. But please don’t share this information, this is literally where I buy all my new Innova stuff cheaply and don’t want the secret getting out (Longest Pro Tip Ever).

Why should you give Gstar a shot

Here’s the top reasons:

  • If you play disc golf in less than 50 degree weather
  • If you like cycling Star line plastic molds
  • If you have a slower arm speed (cant S curve Star molds)
  • If you like GRIP
  • If you’re a rebel

The top reasons you should ignore Gstar plastic:

You live in Florida 🐊

LOL. Just kidding.

Did I miss anything? Completely disagree? Hate Gstar? Let me know on Twitter.