New Dating Website for People That Only Throw Putters

A new dating website has been getting alot of buzzz lately:

To be honest, it piqued our interest, so we decided to check it out.

After browsing the website, here are some of the categories we found that you can filter by to find your perfect partner:

✔️ Number of putters in bag

✔️ Frequency of telling others to just throw putters

✔️ Has a ‘Get Freaky’ Zone

We also saw a couple of interesting personality tests as well:

“What Zone Plastic Mold are You?” and “Are you an S, SS, SSS or SSSS Wizard?” were a few that grabbed our attention.

We definitely think this site will take off in the future.

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The number of new profiles are already starting to increase. Here was one of the taglines for a recently made profile:

Name: TripleS4Life

Bio: “For my drives off the tee, I really like throwing my SS Wizard, for upshots the SSS Wizard, and for C1 putts I use the Polecat.”

Favorite Putter: SSS Wizard

Quote to Live by: “Bro, just throw a Wizard”

Another user profile we found:

Name: GetFreaky69

Bio: “Zones are technically putters, but they throw like a mid. I really enjoy the GetFreaky Zones. I have 17 of them in my bag”

Quote to Live by: “You can never have enough Zones”

If you have a friend that is desperately looking for a match, we suggest you point them to

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