Lone Star Discs Tombstone Approved by PDGA

Lone Star Discs just received approval from the PDGA of their latest disc: the Tombstone.

Lone Star Discs is making huge strides having 13 of their 21 discs approved by the PDGA in 2022 alone .

Here are the specs straight from the PDGA site:

Lone Star Discs Tombstone Specs

Max Weight: 175.1gr

Diameter: 21.1cm

Height: 1.3cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 2.3cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.5cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 28.75

Flexibility: 9.89kg

Date of Approval: July 25th, 2022

Initial Thoughts

I double checked before writing this, but I’m 99% sure this disc is the lowest in height so far to be released by Lone Star Disc.

It has the exact Diameter and Rim Width as the Warbird, and only slightly lower Rim Depth as the Warbird.

My initial guess is an extremely flat version of the Warbird.

I’m going to take a guess it is a flat top, overstable distance driver.

Let’s wait and see!

Lone Star Disc Tombstone Release Date

The tombstone by Lone Star Disc has been officially released.

Check out the full list of newly approved discs by the PDGA.

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