Innova Shryke Review | Distance Driver

The Shryke is considered a high speed driver for up and coming players.

It has tons of glide making it a go to option for open fairways.

Let’s deep dive to see why the Shryke is so popular for tons of disc golfers across the board.

Innova Shryke Distance Driver

The Shryke has glide. That means it’s staying in the air longer.

It’s a disc that allows beginners to get more distance, while giving experienced players a utility shot.

This popular driver can be found in most of the Innova plastic blends.

Innova Shryke Disc Dimensions

Below are the dimensions of the Shryke:

  • Diameter: 21.0 cm
  • Height: 1.7 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.3 cm
  • Max Weight: 178 g

Innova Shryke Flight Path

The Flight ratings for the Shryke below:

  • Speed: 13.0
  • Glide: 6.0
  • Turn: -2.0
  • Fade: 2.0
Innova Shryke Flight Path
Innova Shryke Flight Path Numbers

According to the numbers, the Shryke has tremendous glide.

For stability, the Shryke is a moderately stable distance driver. It has the ability to be used for hyzer flips or a controllable driver.

Available Plastic Types

Below is the list of the available plastic for the Discraft Buzzz Midrange:

Innova Star plastic (155-175g) ✔️

Innova GStar plastic (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Champion plastic (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Glow Champion plastic (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Pro Plastic (165-175g) ✔️

PLASTIC TIP: Every plastic type will give you a slightly different flight path based on its stability. Generally, the more premium the plastic, the more overstable the disc.

Test this tip out yourself to find a plastic that feels good to you, there are exceptions to all of these tips and general ‘rules’.

*I did not mention any tour series or signature series blends

What Type of Shryke Should I Throw Based on My Skill Level?

Have you gotten this far into the review, and kind of get the feeling that the disc you go and pick up won’t deliver the hype?

Not stable enough? Are there enough plastic options? Afraid of the hype?

innova gstar shryke
Innova Gstar Shryke

Skill & Form have a lot to do with whether or not the Shryke will throw *as intended* for you.

However, that’s not all.

Plastic type, weight and how ‘beat in’ the disc is ALL factor into how any disc you choose will throw.

Shryke Disc Selection: Beginners

If you are new to the sport of disc golf (I’ll categorize that as less than 1 year) and want to throw a Shryke, this is my suggestion.

Get yourself a USED Pro plastic Shryke (aka beat in) in the lowest weight you can find (for Pro plastic that will be 165g).

GENERAL TIP: I would suggest also getting the lowest weight possible in whatever plastic you end up choosing.

Shryke Disc Selection: Intermediate Players

The options open up when you’re able to flex this disc’s flight path.

If you can throw a max weight Star Shryke and get the correct flight, go for it and bag whatever you’d like.

However, I will always suggest trying out the Gstar blend if you live in colder weather.

Also Gstar tends to be slightly less stable than the Star blend.

FREE TIPS: Start buying used or beating in multiple Shrykes so you don’t skip a beat when you lose one.

Shryke Disc Selection: Advanced Players

The Shryke morphs into a glidey turnover shot or even a long range hyzer flip with the right amount of touch for advanced players that have their form down.

Make sure to snag the max weight, high quality plastic blend for this disc.

Best type of throws for the Shryke

(Best Choice for: Long Range Control, Turnover Shots, Beginner Hyzer Shots)

Long Range Control

Any shot that you need to have accuracy on the fairway, reach for the Shryke. It’s -2 turn gives alot of leeway to power down and control this disc from the teepad.

If you are newer to playing disc and your form is improving, you might be able to snag an extra 30-50 ft from this disc.

Be slightly cautious using this disc in HEAVY winds, although it has a 2 fade, the wrong angled release can send the Shryke on a one way route.

Turnover Shots

One good use of the Shrykes’ -2 turn is its potential for turnover shots.

Max weight out of the box, putting the Shryke on an Anhyzer line will give you a shot that is hard to replicate for a controllable distance driver.

You might want to try and find a used Shryke first and see if you can pull this shot of with it.

Beginner Hyzer Shots

If you are a newer player, the Shryke can potentially become a disc that evolves with your skill and form over time.

The Shryke will quite possibly hook left very early for you, and in that case you can use it as a hyzer shot.

As your form improves and the disc becomes more beat in, the flight of the disc will even out to what you see on the flight path numbers.

This will open up more shots available to you, including S-Curve shots with a disc you already know and trust.

Similar Discs to the Shryke

There are a couple discs that have similar traits to the Shryke.

Here’s the short list (probably missing a few):

These discs are really close to being the same speed, turn or glide as the Innova Shryke. All have their own benefits.

*I will be writing up a future article to cover this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Beadless?

Yes. The Innova Shryke is beadless.

Does it have a Thumbtrack?

No. The Innova Shryke does not have a thumbtrack.

Is the Shryke available in Glo plastic?

Yes. The Shryke is available in Champion glow plastic.

It was released in limited edition runs, but it hard to find.

You might get lucky finding it on the Factory Second store on Innova’s website, but you can find it on Ebay as well.

Is there an Innova Shryke Series Release?

Yes. The Innova Shryke has been released in 2 different Tour Series stamps.

2018 Innova Luster Champion Jessica Weese Tour Series

2021Innova Star Limited Edition Lisa Fajkus Tour Series

If these links don’t work, you can still find the old Tour Series stamps on ebay or FB groups.

Where can I find a rare Innova Shryke Stamp?

It gets harder and harder to find older Tour Series runs or Special Edition runs still available on most ecommerce disc shops.

The best place to look for special or rare stamps is on the r/discexchange on Reddit, eBay (could be expensive), or the Disc Golf Buy/Sell/Trade FB Group.

Is there an Innova Shryke Shirt (Merch)?

Yes. Infinite Discs had them available last year, and you still might be able to find one before they go out of stock.

Review Methodology & Why You Should Trust Us

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Final Thoughts

The Shryke can be a staple in your bag for a long time. It has different shot selections based on skill level and is overall a very nice flying distance driver.

Whether its beginner hyzers, long range turnovers or just a controlled tee shot, the Shryke can provide.