Innova Roadrunner Review | Disc Golf Distance Driver

The Innova Roadrunner is a very popular understable distance driver for new players to disc golf.

It can be used for a selection of specialty shots, as well as a very good choice for your first distance driver.

Innova Roadrunner Fairway Driver

IThe Roadrunner is a control driver you can use to learn how to power down and or hyzer flip with.

RHBH and forehand throwers will be able to use this disc for certain situations on the disc golf course.

It is only available in certain Innova plastic blends.

Innova Roadrunner Disc Dimensions

Below are the dimensions of the Roadrunner:

  • Diameter: 21.1 cm
  • Height: 1.4 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.8 cm
  • Max Weight: 150.00 g

Innova Roadrunner Flight Path

The Flight rating for the Roadrunner are pretty accurate. Here are the stats:

  • Speed: 9.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -4.0
  • Fade: 1.0
Innova Roadrunner Flight Path
Innova Roadrunner Flight Path Numbers

This disc is most useful for beginners, as they will learn how to gain distance properly throwing a lower speed distance driver.

From a stability standpoint, the Roadrunner will turn pretty aggressively and only come back slightly at the end when it starts slowing down.

Available Plastic Types

Below is the list of the available plastic for the Innova Roadrunner driver:

Innova Champion (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Metal Flake Champion (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Glow Champion (170-175g) ✔️

Innova Gstar (165-175g) ✔️

Innova Halo Star (160-175g) ✔️

Innova StarLite (130-159g) ❌ discontinued

Innova Echo Star (165-175g) ❌ discontinued

Innova Star (160-175g) ✔️

PLASTIC TIP: Every plastic type will give you a slightly different flight path based on its stability. Generally, the more premium the plastic, the more overstable the disc.

Test this tip out yourself to find a plastic that feels nice to you. There are exceptions to all of these tips and general ‘rules’.

*I did not mention any tour series or signature series blends

What Type of Roadrunner Should I Throw Based on My Skill Level?

At this point in the disc review, I usually want to recap by saying: this disc might or might not be for you.

The truth is: most disc reviews on websites just tell you what the stats of the disc are and try to get you to buy it no matter what.

But here’s the thing.

Yes. You will waste money buying molds you’ll only throw a few times.

My goal in writing this review is to help you make the nudge on whether or not you need to take that next step.

Is the Roadrunner a good roller disc for you? Can I turn it over properly?

Will it help me as a new disc golfer gain more distance?

The hardest part about writing reviews about disc golf discs is that every single person is at a different point in their journey of throwing plastic.

I try to give different potential shots based on skill level and how I believe the disc will perform for you (although I won’t be perfect every time).

I do explain what happens to every disc based on my experience and what I know others have experienced at different skill levels.

TL;DR: this disc *might not be for you.

There are some things to consider before purchasing a Roadrunner.

Innova Star Roadrunner
Innova Star Roadrunner

Skill and Form have a lot to do with whether or not you’re going to achieve full fight effects with the Wraith.

However, that’s not all.

Plastic type, weight and how ‘beat in’ the disc is ALL factor into how any disc you choose will throw.

Roadrunner Disc Selection: Beginners

If you are new to disc golf (less than 1 year is my definition), I believe the Roadrunner should be one of the first true distance drivers you should try out.

The Star Roadrunner will offer you the lowest weight currently available. If it turns and morphs into a roller, upgrade to a more premium plastic and/or weight.

Also: Watch out for the wind with the speed 9 understable disc.

GENERAL TIP: I say this in every review at this point in the article. I suggest getting the lowest weight possible in whatever plastic you end up choosing.

You don’t ‘NEED’ to buy a cool looking stamp.

The coolest looking stamp is the one that goes the farthest.


It saves you money and time spent beating it in if the stability for you isn’t perfect.

Roadrunner Disc Selection: Intermediate Players

Players that have been playing for a few years might turn up their nose to the Roadrunner.

This what I imagine their attitudes be like:

Innova Roadrunner Meme
MA3 Players upgrade from the Innova Roadrunner

But pump the breaks. I get it.

The Roadrunner cut rolls for you now and that’s why you’ve upgraded to the Beast or something similar.

But hear me out. Upgrade to a more durable plastic blend with max weight *cough GSTAR*

Then try to hyzer flip it with a fan grip instead of a power grip.

The Roadrunner can fill a reliable turnover shot in your bag.

FREE TIPS: If the Roadrunner becomes your go-to hyzer flip or roller disc, make sure to bag an extra one…just in case

I chose to suggest the Gstar because it is generally less stable, and more grippy than the Champion plastic.

I believe this difference alone will help intermediate players.

Not everyone likes the feel of Gstar plastic, so that’s ok too.

Roadrunner Disc Selection: Advanced Players

Max weight champion plastic for a 50% arm speed hyzer flip or a nice roller.

Tone your power down and you’ll find the Roadrunner to do well as a long turnover disc.

You can also make sure you pick up a cool looking max weight Halo Star Roadrunner.

Back to the review 👇

Best shot selections for the Roadrunner

(Best Choice for: Controlled Hyzerflip, Rollers, Tailwind S-curve)

Controlled Hyzerflip

The Roadrunner is your go-to hyzer flip or for a long turnover shot.

It will take some time to learn how much power and angle to use on the hyzer line, but it is worth it, especially if you’re new and starting to flip it too much on a flat release.

Having this shot in your bag is undervalued, but is really useful.

Test it out with different weights and plastic stabilities.


One benefit to having the Roadrunner in your bag is for a great roller disc.

The Roadrunner usually becomes a roller for most people eventually.

I suggest bagging the Roadrunner in Champion or Star plastic for rollers.

Tailwind S-Curve

If you are a beginner or even just learning how to power down, the Roadrunner will be a vital option in your bag for more distance.

You can hyzer flip the Roadrunner into an S-curve for max distance, especially in a tailwind.

This disc really offers so many options to players at different skill levels.

That’s why it’s retained much of its popularity over the years.

Similar Discs to the Roadrunner

There are a few discs that have really close flight paths and nearly identical shot selections as the Innova Roadrunner.

A non-extensive list I compiled:

There are caveats to each of these discs, but they are close enough that you can get similar shot selections from them.

*I will be writing up a future article to cover this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Roadrunner available in Glow plastic?

Yes. The only available glow line made for the Roadrunner is Champion Glow.

They could have been a limited run released in the past, because they have been sold out for quite some time on Infinite Discs.

You may have luck finding them on the Innova Factory Second store, but you’ll always been able to find them on eBay (although not necessarily cheap).

Is there an Innova Roadrunner Series Release?

Yes. There have been a few different Tour Series Roadrunner and Signature Series Roadrunner releases.

Below are the limited edition runs:

Halo Star Roadrunner Juliana Korver (2022 Tour Series) — Infinite Discs

Gregg Barsby Signature Star Roadrunner (2018) — OTB Discs

Limited Edition Callie McMorran Innova Metal Flake Roadrunner (2022 Tour Series) — Innova Pro Shop

If you are collecting or want to try them out, I’d suggest getting one sooner rather than later.

Where can I find a rare Innova Roadrunner Stamp?

I previously mentioned that the Roadrunners are Limited Edition Runs. That means all signature series and tour series releases are best to get when they release.

With that being said, the best place to look for older releases, including special editions or rare stamps would be on the r/discexchange on Reddit, eBay (could be expensive), or the Disc Golf Buy/Sell/Trade FB Group.

You can also some luck on the Innova Pro Shop or Factory Second store.

Is there any Innova Roadrunner merch?

Not at this time. There has not been any specialty releases related to the Roadrunner on items outside of discs.

Review Methodology & Why You Should Trust Us

There are a lot of different disc golf discs on the market, and it can be a real challenge to understand all the nuances about the differences between them. 

Disc Golfer Rich Priebe (#69849) has been playing for over 10 years and has spent hundreds of hours researching, testing and reviewing hundreds of different disc golf discs and talking to experts in the field like Ben Calhoun of The Throw Shop

As the writer on every article on this site (Rich), I only recommend discs and other products that I believe in and that I think will deliver value for your time, skill, and money. 

My goal is to help you find the perfect disc that fits your skill and fills that hole in your bag, so that you can enjoy your rounds of disc while getting better at the game.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a disc for a long turnover, roller or hyzer flip, be sure to check out the Innova Roadrunner.

With a -4 turn, this understable driver has a ton of variability for all skill levels.