Innova Nova Review | Putt & Approach Disc

The Nova is designed specifically for putting and approach shots.

It has a very stable flight path, which makes it perfect for those tricky shots around the green.

Check out the Innova Nova

Innova Nova Putt & Approach Disc

The Innova Nova is a straight-flying putter that features two different plastics to provide an interesting flight and feel. The outer rim consists of very soft grippy plastic, while the inner plate feels firm but still sticky.

This two plastic design has been designed for high speed stability with minimal fade during low speeds – perfect if want quick shots or long distance approaches.


innova nova

  • Speed: 2.0
  • Glide: 3.0
  • Turn: 0.0
  • Fade: 0.0
  • Primary Use: Putt & Approach
  • Stability: Stable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Everyone
  • Plastic grade(s): Double Mold
  • Beadless

Check out the Innova Nova

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new putter, be sure to check out the Innova Nova.

This unique putter has two different types of plastic that give it an interesting flight and feel.