Eagle Edges Out McBeth in 72-Hour Long Rock Paper Scissors Match

The excitement got turned up over the weekend. On Sunday we witnessed the finale to the epic rock paper scissors battle between Eagle and McBeth.

After an exhilarating celebration, we caught up with Eagle. This is what he had to say:

“Going into the final match today, I usually switch it up between paper and scissors, but I got on a roll playing paper the whole time.”

“It was crazy. First we had a best of 3, then 18. We eventually decided to make it a best of 54.”

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Paul McBeth had this to say about the amazing finish:

“I normally play Scissors, because it reminds me of slicing through the wind. I kept switching things up. Rock. Scissors. Paper. Paper. Rock.”

“If I would have played Scissors just a few more times, I could have pulled it out.”

“Either way, I had a lot of fun. Eagle is definitely the Paper Champion this time”

Yes He Is 🙌

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