Discraft Xpress Review | Fairway Driver

Any disc golfer worth their salt knows that the key to success is having a good fairway driver.

After all, being able to hit those long drives can make or break your game.

That’s why we’re taking a closer look at the Discraft Xpress, one of the most popular beginner fairway drivers from Discraft.

Discraft Xpress Fairway Driver

Check out the Discraft Xpress

The Discraft Xpress is a perfect disc for beginners because it’s understable, giving new players the distance they need without sacrificing accuracy.

If you’re looking for a more stable fairway driver, check out the Discraft Athena.

The -1 stability rating makes this an excellent choice of throw to learn how rollers work and help you get used your game.

Discraft Xpress Flight Path

discraft xpress

  • Speed: 8.0
  • Glide: 5.0
  • Turn: -3.0
  • Fade: 1.0
  • Primary Use: Control Driver
  • Stability: Understable
  • Recommended Skill Level: Beginner
  • Plastic grade(s): Durable, Midgrade, Premium
  • Beadless

Check out the Discraft Xpress

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for your first driver, or are a beginner just starting to learn how to play disc golf, the Discraft Xpress is an excellent choice.

It has a stability rating of -1, making it easy to control and perfect for gaining distance without sacrificing accuracy.