Discraft Buzzz Review | Midrange Disc

The Buzzz is the quintessential, straight flying midrange disc that is popular with both beginners and advanced players.

It has a straight flight path with a moderate amount of glide, making it easy to control for intermediate players just getting their form down.

So, what makes the Buzzz so special? Let’s take a closer look at this disc and find out.

Discraft Buzzz Midrange Disc

The Buzzz is a mid range disc that will fly the path you throw it on.

It’s reliable, stable and powerful with accurate throws for straight, controlled shots.

This super popular disc can be purchased in all of Discrafts plastic blends.

Discraft Buzzz Disc Dimensions

Below are the dimensions of the Buzzz:

  • Diameter: 21.7 cm
  • Height: 1.9 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.2 cm
  • Max Weight: 177.00 g
Elite Z Buzzz Rim Side Profile
Elite Z Buzzz Rim Side Profile

Discraft Buzzz Flight Path

The Flight ratings for the Buzzz are true to their numbers. Here are the stats:

  • Speed: 5.0
  • Glide: 4.0
  • Turn: -1.0
  • Fade: 1.0
Discraft Buzzz Flight Path
Discraft Buzzz Flight Path Numbers

According to the numbers, the Buzzz has great glide for it’s controlled release speed.

In terms of stability, the Buzzz is as stable as they get. It is known for being an extremely straight flyer with a soft fade at the end.

Available Plastic Types

Below is the list of the available plastic for the Discraft Buzzz Midrange:

Discraft Big Z Plastic ✔️

Discraft Titanium ✔️

Discraft Crystal FLX Sparkle ✔️

Discraft Crystal Sparkle ✔️

Discraft ESP ✔️

Discraft Z FLX ✔️

Discraft Z Glo FLX ✔️

Discraft Z Glo Sparkle ✔️

Discraft Elite Z ✔️

Discraft Z Metallic FLX ✔️

Discraft Z Midnight ✔️

Discraft X-Line ❌

Discraft Pro-D ❌

The only plastic blend the Buzzz is not available in is the one that is sold out.

Rich Priebe #69849

I didn’t think about Jawbreaker until I hit publish (post-release edit).

The discontinued plastic blends are also not available (RIP Pro-D and X-Line).

PLASTIC TIP: Every plastic type will give you a slightly different flight path based on its stability. Generally, the more premium the plastic, the more overstable the disc.

Test this tip out yourself to find a plastic that feels good to you, there are exceptions to all of these tips and general ‘rules’.

*I did not mention any tour series or signature series blends

What Type of Buzzz Should I Throw Based on My Skill Level?

Have you gotten this far into the review, and kind of get the feeling that the disc you go and pick up won’t deliver the hype?

Too Overstable? Not the best grip? Not the hype everyone says it is?

My 2015 'Party at the Ponds' Tourney Stamp Elite Z Buzzz
My 2015 ‘Party at the Ponds’ Tourney Stamp Elite Z Buzzz

Skill & Form have a lot to do with whether or not the Buzzz will throw *as intended* for you.

However, that’s not all.

Plastic type, weight and how ‘beat in’ the disc is ALL factor into how any disc you choose will throw.

Buzzz Disc Selection: Beginners

*I actually wouldn’t recommend brand new players to try a Buzzz at all.

My suggestion would be a low weight, baseline plastic (X or Pro-D if you can still find them) Meteor or possibly a Buzzz SS (if you’d still like to throw something really close to the Buzzz).

If you are new to the sport of disc golf (I’ll categorize that as less than 1 year) and still want to throw one, you should see what a new or used Buzzz in any of the baseline plastic throws like for your current form.

  • Buzzz Pro-D (they don’t make this anymore. *cough eBay)
  • Buzzz X-Line (just checked. they stopped making these too 😂)
  • Buzzz Z Line (best bet with the current plastic lineup availability)

GENERAL TIP: I would suggest also getting the lowest weight possible in whatever plastic you end up choosing.

However, the Buzzz isn’t available in lower weights like drivers are.

Buzzz Disc Selection: Intermediate Players

Nothing too crazy here. You know what you’re doing.

You’re probably either beating in a few Buzzz’s you already own or are looking to see which plastic type might be better for you to try out. *cough Crystal FLX Sparkle 🔥

No but seriously.

At this point, Elite Z and Big Z should be your bread and butter (even with a hyzer flip).

Try out the ESP if you haven’t. Also the FLX line is nice too.

FREE TIPS: Start beating in multiple Buzzz’s so you don’t get upset when you lose your main (inevitable).

Buzzz Disc Selection: Advanced Players

You know…honestly I’d like to see you just Hyzer flip to roll a Pro-D Buzzz straight into the basket from 350 out.

You don’t really need my help here.

You already know the Buzzz is a champ at accuracy and consistency. Go throw that 5x ESP stamp.

Now back to the review 👇

Best type of throws for the Buzzz

(Best Choice for: Straight Shots, Controlled Hyzer Flips, Wooded Shots)

Straight Shots

The basket is 250 feet in front of you and there’s no obstacles.

Spend some extra time throwing all your Buzzz’s at the basket (You’ll thank me later).

Neg 1 on the turn ensures that the Buzzz stays straight as long as you don’t have any torque/form issues.

When you start learning to power down with the Buzzz, it’s a thing of beauty. I’ve bagged one since 2015.

Controlled Hyzer Flips

One of the most underutilized shots for RHBH players are controlled hyzer flips.

IF you have the power and form for it, the Buzzz is a good disc (not the best) for a controlled hyzer flip.

It will take some time to get it down, since the Buzzz stubbornly stays on the line you take.

I’d test this out with a beat in Buzzz first if you’re thinking about it.

Wooded Shots

Since the Buzzz flies straight and stays on the line you throw it, once you gain ‘release accuracy’ this disc really start to shine.

This disc can be your go-to confidence shot in the middle of a wooded course once you get used to it.

Similar Discs to the Buzzz

There are a quite a few discs by multiple disc manufacturers that boast similar flight characteristics to the Buzzz.

The short list below is by no means an extensive list:

While all of these discs are similar in flight path, they each have their own pros and cons when compared to each other.

*I will be writing up a future article to cover this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Beadless?

Yes, the Buzzz is a beadless midrange mold.

Does it have a Thumbtrack?

Yes and No. The regular Buzzz does not have a thumbtrack in its design.

However, the Buzzz GT (ESP plastic only) has been made for special runs and you can find them pretty regularly.

Is the Buzzz available in Glo plastic?

Yes. The Z Glo FLX is the only regularly produced Glo blend for the Buzzz.

In the past, there have been special Glo blends released for the ESP and Z Sparkle Glo line.

They can be found on some ecommerce sites as well as eBay and Facebook Groups.

Will It Hold?

The Buzzz will hold the line. Here’s the meme to prove it:

Buzzz will it hold meme
Buzzz Will It Hold Meme

Is there a Discraft Buzzz Series Release?

Yes. Discraft has released multiple Tour Series Buzzz runs.

The Chris Dickerson Signature Tour Series stamp was released in ESP plastic for 2022.

There are also Tour Series ESP Swirls, Tour Series ESP FLX and Tour Series Z Swirl runs that have been released in the past.

Where can I find a rare Discraft Buzzz Stamp?

It gets harder and harder to find older Tour Series runs or Special Edition runs still available on most ecommerce disc shops.

The best place to look for special or rare stamps is on the r/discexchange on Reddit, eBay (could be expensive), or the Disc Golf Buy/Sell/Trade FB Group.

Is there a Discraft Buzzz Shirt (Merch)?

Yes. The Buzzz is a huge logo for Discraft and there are tons of awesome shirts that have the Buzzzz logo on them.

The best place for reliable re-stocks of Buzzz related merch would be Discraft’s Apparel Store, but don’t forget about their Factory store too.

Review Methodology & Why You Should Trust Us

There are a lot of different disc golf discs on the market, and it can be a real challenge to understand all the nuances about the differences between them. 

Disc Golfer Rich Priebe (#69849) has been playing for over 10 years and has spent hundreds of hours researching, testing and reviewing hundreds of different disc golf discs and talking to experts in the field like Ben Calhoun of The Throw Shop

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My goal is to help you find the perfect disc that fits your skill and fills that hole in your bag, so that you can enjoy your rounds of disc while getting better at the game.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a disc that can handle a variety of situations and hold any line you put it on, you’ll fall in love with the Discraft Buzzz.

With its super straight flight path and surprising glide, it becomes a staple in most disc golfers bag. I bagged mine in 2015 and it hasn’t come out since.

Hmu on twitter if you can find a straighter flying mid-range.