Discraft Athena Approved by PDGA

*This article was updated on November 23rd

The Athena is the newest Discraft disc to be approved by the PDGA.

Here are the specs straight from the PDGA site:

Discraft Athena Specs

Max Weight: 176.8gr

Diameter: 21.3cm

Height: 1.5cm

Rim Depth: 1.1cm

Rim Thickness: 1.8cm

Inside Rim Diameter: 16.6cm

Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 5.2%

Rim Configuration: 30.00

Flexibility: 11.70kg

Date of Approval: August 1st, 2022

Paul McBeth Athena Test Flight Disc
Paul McBeth Athena Test Disc

Discraft Athena Flight Numbers

Based on the diameters and the pictures, this disc looks like it’s going to be a fairway driver.

Some of the diameters are extremely similar to the Discraft Crank, but the rim thickness is less.

^^This is what we were running off of early on, but it has now been confirmed that this disc is going to be a fairway driver.

*updated as of September 15th

We have some early news of the Athena Flight Path numbers:

Discraft Athena Flight Path
Discraft Athena Flight Path

Paul McBeth Athena | Fairway Driver

On August 29th, Discraft officially announced that they have been working with Paul McBeth to design a brand new fairway driver for his signature series.

Paul McBeth stated in the video, “a little bit slower speed than the Anax“.

Paul McBeth Athena
Paul McBeth holding the new Discraft Athena

Paul also goes on to state that, “a disc that I feel like anyone can throw. A disc that will shape alot of fairways”.

With all that being said, I wanted to personally share what I believe the ratings will be:

  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0 or -1
  • Fade: 2

That means a faster Passion but with more fade. Or the Discraft version of a Teebird3.

^^^ While we weren’t that far off, we did miss the mark.

Based on this promotional picture below:

ESP Prototype Athena | Paul McBeth Signature Series Athena
ESP Proto Athena | Paul McBeth Signature Series Athena

So it does indeed look like the Discraft Athena will be their version of the Innova Teebird.

That makes sense after missing another quote from Paul McBeth about the Athena:

“I think Discraft has the most underrated fairway drivers in disc golf but they do have a small pocket missing that the Athena is going to fill perfectly “

Paul McBeth

This was a modern day gap in Discraft’s lineup that needed to be filled.

Honestly, it’s something that I think a lot of players (amateurs and pros alike) will welcome.

Here’s a link to the Youtube announcement over on Discraft’s Youtube page.

Discraft Athena Release Date

To date, the Athena does not have an ‘official’ release date.

We are guessing it will could be announced in the Fall towards the end of the 2022 season (pure speculation at this point).

The Discraft Athena will be released for sale on September 23rd on Discraft’s website.

We have new information from a few different online stores and disc shops:

The Prototype Athena will be available in the next shipment for disc stores that were able to receive it.

That means online stores and throw shops will be receiving the Athena closer to the end of September.

We should start seeing an official announcement by Discraft in the coming week or so.

With this new information, I wouldn’t be surprised if an official announcement will happen sometime during the week of the USDGC 2022.

This is the URL to check out the Athena on Infinite Discs when they finally get around to releasing it (the page doesn’t exist yet, but this will be the page if that makes sense) if you want to attempt to get first dibs on it.

Check out the full list of newly approved discs by the PDGA.

Discraft Athena Review

While it’s a little too early to get a hands on review of the disc, I was able to do a little deep dive into a few different people that had gotten their hands on the Athena Test Flight disc.

First Run Discraft Athena

The first run Discraft Athena’s are available as of 11/23 at 3pm on Discraft’s website. You will also be able to purchase them at Infinite Discs and other online disc shops as well.

First Run Athena
First Run Discraft Athena

Will Discraft release the Athena in a 6x Stamp?

Congratulations to Paul McBeth on winning his 6th World Title at the PDGA 2022 Worlds Championship.

With that being said, will Discraft release the Paul McBeth Athena in a Limited Edition 6x Champ Stamp?

I’m banking on it, however it probably won’t happen during the initial prototype runs.

They will save that 6 claw stamp for an official First Run Signature Series. That’s my bet.

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