Discraft Zone Review | Putt & Approach Disc

discraft zone review

Disc golf is a game of accuracy and finesse, and the Discraft Zone putt and approach disc is perfect for players who want to improve their short game. This disc is designed for maximum control and consistent performance, making it ideal for precise shots into the basket. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, … Read more

Innova Firebird Review | Fairway Driver

Innova firebird review

The Innova Firebird is an overstable fairway driver designed for professional disc golfers. This disc is highly accurate and can be thrown long distances with ease. It has a very predictable flight pattern, making it an ideal choice for experienced players.  Check out the Innova Firebird Innova Firebird Distance Driver The Firebird, with its giant … Read more

MVP Wave Review | Distance Driver

MVP Wave Review

The MVP Wave is quickly becoming a favorite for many disc golfers. With its unique shape and design, the Wave offers amazing distances with pinpoint accuracy. This disc is best suited for intermediate to advanced players. Check out the MVP Wave MVP Wave Distance Driver It’s moderately stable and can be used for long gliding … Read more

Lat 64 River Review | Fairway Driver

Lat 64 River Review

If you’re looking for a reliable fairway driver, the Latitude 64 River is a great option. This disc is designed to provide maximum stability and control, making it ideal for drives that need to stay on track. Plus, its low profile makes it easy to grip and throw. Check out the Latitude 64 River Latitude … Read more

Discmania P2 Review | Putt & Approach Disc

discmania p2 review

Disc golfers know that a putt and approach disc is an important part of their game. The Discmania P2 is a putter that can help you improve your game.  It is designed to be versatile for all types of players. The P2 can be used for both upshots and putting, making it a great option … Read more

Discraft Roach Review | Putt & Approach Disc

Discraft Roach Review

If you’re looking for a putt and approach disc that you can rely on, the Discraft Roach is a great option. This disc is designed to provide accurate flights and consistent results, making it perfect for players of all skill levels. Check out the Discraft Roach Discraft Roach Putt & Approach The 2015 Ace Race … Read more

Axiom Hex Review | Mid Range Disc

Axiom Hex Midrange Review

As a disc golfer, you know that having a strong arsenal of discs is key to success. And when it comes to mid range discs, few brands are as trusted as Axiom. Today, we’re going to take a look at the Axiom Hex! Check out the Axiom Hex Axiom Discs Hex Mid Range The Hex … Read more

Innova Beast Review | Distance Driver

innova beast review

Looking for a disc that can help you achieve maximum distance? The Innova Beast may be perfect for you! This driver is designed to provide superior distance and control, making it a great option for experienced players. Check out the Innova Beast Innova Beast Distance Driver This driver from Discraft is a must-have for any … Read more

MVP Tesla Review | Distance Driver

MVP Tesla Review

As a disc golfer, you’re always searching for the right equipment to give you an edge on the course. If you’re looking for a distance driver that can handle any condition, you need to check out the MVP Tesla. This disc is designed to provide maximum distance for any intermediate or experienced disc golfer. With … Read more

Discraft Undertaker Review | Fairway Driver

discraft undertaker review

Looking for a reliable fairway driver?  This disc is designed to be stable and consistent, making it perfect for those long drives off the tee. Thanks to its low-profile design, the Undertaker also offers great control and accuracy. Check out the Discraft Undertaker Discraft Undertaker is a reliable Fairway Driver This driver from Discraft is … Read more