About Me

My name is Rich Priebe and I run the website, mandatoryplastic.com

PDGA #69849

I began playing disc golf in 2012, and after my first few rounds I was hooked.

I started writing blog posts in 2015 because I wanted to have a website that talked ALL about the plastic. Hence, Mandatory Plastic.

I had written reviews on every major disc golf disc and bag on the market at one point (2017).

I stopped working on the website in 2018 after tons of things came up in my life.

My wife started nursing school, I was about to have my 2nd child, and ‘in general’ I felt like I accomplished much of what I set out to do with the website.

I never got rid of the domain itself, but all of my content essentially was deleted and erased. (probably for the better).

Earlier this year, I decided to pick up the reigns again and start writing disc golf content where I felt it it was needed.

Right now, I’m currently writing about the brand new discs being approved for use by the PDGA as well as trying my hand at some satire.

I also revived my monthly giveaway club. Pretty self explanatory. I give away a disc every month. You just sign up via email for a chance to win.

I also published a few basic disc reviews but need to go back and actually do some real deep dives on these discs.

If you’re curious, you can look me up by my PDGA number: #69849 or you can add me on Udisc or Disc Golf Scene.

Also, here are all my social accounts for Mandoplastic:


I drive like MA1 but putt like MA4.